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The L0veVibe Global Meditation of Sunday November 15, 2009 focuses on the symbol of the Spiral. We invite you to integrate this idea into your regular meditation practice, or even to devote your session to it. Contemplate it, feel it, paint it, sing it, experience it and -most of all- Love it. Please remember the purpose is connection, so if you do not resonate with a symbol presented here, then feel free to choose your own.

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All time is now, and all space is here, so there is now-here to go. As a result, everything in Nature occurs in cycles.

Think first of a circle. We start off at one point on the circle, then we move, live, experience and eventually come full circle again. All we've learned in the meantime has changed us, so when we're back at the same point on the circle, some things have changed. Combine the circle (in the plane) and the change (a distance perpendicular to the circle) and we come to the Spiral, symbol of growth, transformation and evolution.

When there is no growth to speak of, then there is no motion perpendicular to the circle (away from that circle) and the Soul might be stuck on the Wheel of Reincarnation. As soon as the Soul allows growth, then there is motion in the perpendicular direction (away from the circle) and now the Soul is on the Spiral of Ascension.

Notice that the circles Earth is turning around the Sun, actually form a spiral as well, since the Sun itself is also moving through the Universe. This is one way of looking at the fact that ultimately evolution is unavoidable.

Sal Rachele - The Founders: "The spiral is a very unique form in the design of the cosmos. The concept of time and evolution, and the construction of all life forms, are based on the spiral. Although it is not entirely accurate, you can think of the triangles, pyramids, tetrahedrons, isocahedrons, dodecahedrons, squares, circles and singularities, as part of the inanimate universe, or the basic building blocks of the universe, while you can think of the spiral and its associated fractals and patterns as the animate building blocks of life itself existing within the inanimate framework of the universe. Another way of thinking of this is to introduce the concept of momentum, or angular velocity. All animate forms within the universe have, to some degree, a momentum, or movement of consciousness and form, within the relatively static structure of the base universe."

image by Narris

Imagine a point moving towards the capstone of a pyramid. Imagine the pyramid slowly spinning. The point will trace an inwardly focussing spiral towards the portal at the apex singularity. Imagine a point moving away from the capstone of a pyramid that is slowly spinning. The point will trace an outward, expanding spiral out into infinity. Imagine now both inward and outward spirals at the same time. Such is Life.

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  1. infinite and eternal blessings world tour ..spirialing inward and outward to integrate with all the love...thanks for adding bobby o bahama ...be here sunday...as always...