This forum is not about a new meditation technique, course, class or product. It is not a new meditation group, except that we aim to align and unite all meditation and spiritual groups and individuals across the planet, at the same timing every Sunday.

The Love Vibe Team is dedicated to unify people and groups across the World in Loving Consciousness and Conscious Love. Every Sunday we join Hearts and Minds in a Global Meditation to promote Individual and Planetary Consciousness. We neither endorse nor oppose any particular person, religion, organization or company.

Every week we suggest a theme or symbol for all to focus upon collectively. The theme for the next Sunday is introduced on this blog. Often the theme is part of a series of topics. You are totally free to choose your own variation on the theme, just follow your own intuition. We invite you to share your experiences, impressions, visions, links to pictures of people participating, ... as comments here or on Facebook. Expect miracles!

Make yourself comfortable. Light a candle or incense, close your eyes, say a prayer or incantation, play relaxing music, do yoga, meditate, ... It's up to you! Connect with the Planet, with Humanity and the Peace, Love and Wisdom within.

For updates and meditation themes, keep an eye on this blog or join us on Facebook (see link on the right) or twitter @L0veVibe. Feel free to contact us with feedback and suggestions!

To use the power of positive thought and intent
To forge connections between cultures and continents
To establish global structures on all levels
To consciously create a new world of light

To increase global awareness and self awareness
To complete one cycle and start a new one
To weave the colorful tapestry of planet Earth
To mold our common future

To ground spiritual wisdom and apply it in our daily lives
In truth and with understanding
To light up a resonant field, a new grid, and weave the new reality
In unification and cocreation with our beautiful Planet

To make a bridge between existing spiritual communities and souls
Who each have a part of the quilt of higher consciousness
Mindful time together to form unification
Infused with truth that resonates for one and all

To focus and meditate at regular times upon chosen ideas
Supported by love, color, sound and music
Matching energies in order to reach cohesion and Oneness
To grow from one dimension to the next.

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