The inspiration for the LoveVibe weekly global meditations came from a message received by Eileen Hetherington on August 10, 2009, with the intermediate aid of Ra:

We are the creators of what you term wormholes between realms.
We use thought and intent to create structures on all levels of reality.
We are the dimensional weavers.
We are a malleable essence of adaptability and invisibility.
We have never communicated with humans.
Selfhood is our work translator.

We wish to address those whose inner calling choose to
ground information in certain geographical areas
with particles of divine truth and love.
This is the completion of one cycle.
To those who engage in this completion of one cycle,
and geographically impregnate with light,
from formula of love and intention,
for creating material reality.

Becoming self-aware and finding resonant frequency in your geographic areas
creates a unified construct experience to use when cycle complete
and unification of forces serve to move that planet.

Turn attention of groups toward each other
so they may weave too,

the new fabric of consciousness they choose.
Each has a part of the quilt of higher consciousness.
Time together will form unification.
There are suitable symbols in major religion constructs.
Choose those symbols infused with truth that resonate for you.

We advocate those [symbols] easily accessible to mind /spirit.
Of those we suggest, focus and meditate at regular times
upon chosen constructs.

We suggest eye of Horus, rose, sacred heart, divine Mother, merkaba.
Consciousness can use love and color,
that will improve the form to carry them.
Six pointed star, 3 pointed triangle, flower of life. Kabala good.

Choose those that resonate to math energies to reach cohesion
through special time for spiritual symbols.
Chant simple invocations with thought form of oneness.

Lightworkers should move away from thoughts of danger,
thoughts of rescue or pick up.
Lightworkers light up resonant field.
Electric and magnetic wiring of earth is accomplished.
You can now create a mechanism of special force
to plug into the new grid
and weave the new reality.


As you can read, the Dimensional Weavers suggest that existing spiritual and meditation groups and individuals align and combine their focus. This is the intention of the LoveVibe weekly sunday meditation.

As there is no emphasis towards or away from any existing meditation technique, the Weavers suggest to use general 'constructs' that everybody across the world can connect to, such as the rose.

The Weavers mention the following symbols :
(click symbol name to see image gallery, click date to read details)

Eye of Horus ----------- August 23, 2009
Rose ------------------------ August 30, 2009
Sacred Heart ---------- September 6, 2009
Divine Mother -------- September 13, 2009
Merkaba ----------------- September 20, 2009
Six pointed star ----- September 27, 2009
Triangle ----------------- October 4, 2009
Flower of life --------- October 11, 2009
Kabala ------------------- October 18, 2009

Each symbol supported by love, color, sound, music, incantation.

The 9 symbols mentioned by the Weavers will be the themes for the first 9 global LoveVibe meditations, from Sunday August 23 until Sunday October 18, 2009. Every symbols will be introduced on this blog http://lovevibe.blogspot.com in the week prior to the meditation.

Please remember, the purpose is connection, so if you do not resonate with a given symbol, then feel free to choose your own.

Join in and spread the message!
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