Flower of Life

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The L0veVibe Global Meditation of Sunday October 11, 2009 will focus on the symbol of the Flower of Life. We invite you to integrate this idea into your regular meditation practice, or even to devote your session to it. Contemplate it, feel it, paint it, sing it, experience it and -most of all- Love it.

Please remember the purpose is connection, so if you do not resonate with a symbol presented here, then feel free to choose your own. Why we are choosing this symbol is explained in the post Inspiration.

The Flower of Life is one of the basic figures in Sacred Geometry, the geometry of Creation. It is found in ancient sites all over the world. The Flower of Life is composed of one central circle overlapped by two outwardly expanding layers of identical circles, where each layer forms a hexagon. In the first step, the circles of the first layer are arranged with their centers on the circumference of the one central circle, giving the Seed of Life:

In the second step, the circles of the second layer are arranged with their centers on the circumference of the circles in the first layer, giving the Flower of Life:

The 6-fold pattern of petals (6-pointed star) that appears in the center is reproduced in all circles, overlapping periodically, symbolizing the Connectedness and tight weave of all of Life. The center of the Flower represents the Source. Every nodal point is identical to the center, signifying that all Creations are equally valuable, and that every Part contains the Whole in a holographic way.

The resulting set of faces can be colored in a great variety of ways, evoking many different Natural forms.

The Flower of Life has healing power as it reminds us of the Unity and Connection throughout all Creation, and invites us to re-Unify and re-Connect.

Read more about the Flower of Life and it's many spiritual connections in this book from Drunvalo Melchizedek : The Flower of Life, volume 1 and volume 2.

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