Divine Mother

The L0veVibe Global Meditation of Sunday September 13, 2009 will focus on the symbol of the Divine Mother. We invite you to integrate this idea into your regular meditation practice, or even to devote your session to it. Contemplate it, feel it, paint it, sing it, experience it and -most of all- Love it.

Please remember the purpose is connection, so if you do not resonate with a symbol presented here, then feel free to choose your own. Why we are choosing this symbol is explained in the post Inspiration.

The Divine Mother represents natural nurturing, caring and carrying, training and teaching, assisted growth and development, with unending patience and understanding, and with absolutely unconditional Love.

The natural bond between Mother and Child is so strong that it is sometimes difficult for the mother to eventually let the child find its own way, in its own life, in its own way. This transition period is a challenge for both child and parents and sometimes the cause of conflict and enduring separation and trauma. These can be healed with Love.

"If you Love them, set them free." A child will be surprisingly willing to visit its parents as long as it has the freedom to choose if and when the connection manifests.

If you have an issue with your Mother, or if you are a Mother and you have an issue with your child, we invite you to use this meditation to open the door a little bit more between the two of you.

There is the situation as it is now, and there is the moment of Reconciliation where your Hearts will recognize each other once again. Know that you can take a small step in the direction of reconciliation.

Make a deliberate step of a size that you are comfortable with. Then aknowledge for yourself that you have made that step. Keep looking forward, and when you are ready make another step always going forward in the direction of Togetherness.

The other party will feel your honest intent and dedication and will develop Trust themselves to start stepping towards you at the same time. Stay free of expectations and be patient. Feel the progress you are making with each step and find joy in just that. You can Be Confident that all else will follow. If there is a small set-back along the way, then there is no need to abandon the entire journey you are making back to your Hearts.

If you are perfectly okay with your mom but you have an issue like this with your Father, then you can also use this meditation for that, of course. You can even do this exercise if your Mother or Father has passed away. They will still feel your powerful energy of Reconciliation. Parents that have passed away often stay involved with our lives as guardian angels. Think about this: Would you connect with your child -if you could do so- after your own transition? You probably would. Just know that the connection goes first of all through the Heart.

The idea of the Divine Mother is found in all cultures on this planet, as well as in the very planet herself, Mother Earth, also called Gaia or "sentience Earth".

Heal and Celebrate the Love to and from your Mother and Father. Do the same with Mother Earth and Father Sun. Share in their Glory by spending time in Nature and in the Sun. Enjoy the natural foods Our Mother has prepared for you in the Love and Light of Our Father. Enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, and nutritious gifts such as mushrooms, nuts and seaweed. When saying Grace, include Mother Earth and Father Sun in your appreciation.


  1. Delicious meditation last night Koen - this is such a nurturing energy to tap into. Great to download as a program or energy into a rose quartz or mangano calcite too, to carry around with you as a touchstone! Or as a lovely gift for mothers in your life. You can do this by sitting in meditation with these powerful loving images, feel that heart opening and connection, and then flow that energy from your heart, down into your hands and into a crystal you are holding.
    Blessings to All,
    Love and Light,

  2. Angela Marie Vaught who helped me*{Ronald Lee Vaught} in rememberance of what unconditional love is. Also Andrea Nicole Halvajian and Ronald Drake also challanged me into this knowingness as did many others along my path. Unconditional Love and blessings i know moves us all in all times in all directions in all equality.