SHIFT - Message from Nicole Cody

Hello Everyone,

I can feel how much each of you is shifting, but I am also seeing how much some of you are getting bogged down in old fears and old stuckness (- and some of this is generations old, not just from this lifetime). We are working furiously behind the scenes here to move you into positive change, and I've realised I have something additional to offer you, if you'd like to be involved.

I belong to an Elders Group (of which I am the youngest by about 20 years!) We have a number of cultures represented, from a number of nations and countries. I was asked to join after an elder in the USA heard a very old taped trance channeling I did in my lounge one night for a group of friends, where I had brought through a number of rituals and meditations and she recognised them as from her own people. She tracked me down via the internet.
I still have no idea how she ended up with the tape. I then asked if I might invite some Elders I know from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. It is a small, closed group, and you and one other mentoring course are the only people I have shared the knowledge of the group with apart from some of our family and spouses. There are twenty two of us in all, and we connect regularly by teleconference.

I was also 'claimed' by a tribe when I lived in the Kimberly in WA, and I've been initiated into both mens and womens business. So it's a real honour for me to have been chosen to work with this group.

We are doing a private shaman meditation vigil on Friday 18 September through Sunday 20 September, with the intent of releasing old fears, old patterns of thought and negative behaviour for the world, that keep people trapped in their own personal groundhog day. We will have a number of powerful people with us, including some aboriginal elders, a native american elder, some pacific elders, and a tibetan lama and nun.

I realised it could also be a powerful time for release for members of this group. It is a very special day, on Friday night there will be a new moon, and a polar shift, cusping into Saturday morning, and new planetary lineup on Sunday, so its a great time for release. So what I am offering is this. I'll also include you personally in our ceremony if you feel that it would be appropriate for you. I will still be doing my usual meditations for this group. So this is just something extra above what we are doing in the group.

What I would like you to do is two things:

1. Contact me (on Facebook, via www.nicolecody.com, or via my private email) if you would like us to work specifically with you, and let me know the fears you wish to be released. You MUST name them, although you do not need to go into a lot of detail for me. I will then work with them on your behalf during our ceremony and meditation. I will hold your fears on paper, and they will represent you. I will also choose a stone for each of you, to hold your place in the circle, to hold the energy and healing, (If you like, I can choose a special stone and post you the stone when the ceremony is complete if you are happy to pay costs). It takes a full month, and involves many things including a complex crystal grid and the use of the synchronicity of the Mayan Calender.

2. Write these fears down and expand upon them for yourself, and ask for why you have experienced them and what learning you can keep as you release the fear. Just ask. Asking is enough. That's all you need to do. As the fear is released through our work on the weekend, you will just find a subtle easing into a new way of being, a new parameter of knowledge, a new stability and inner peace. A new opening of energy. More flow. There is always a learning or positive from each fear we hold. And it's only the learning we need. This work must be done by you before 10pm Brisbane time on Friday night 18 September. Keep this information with you but once you have written it do not read it again. And do not share the information with anyone else. Burn it after 8am on Saturday. If you do wish to have a part in this, I also ask that you refrain from drinking alcohol for all of Friday through to Sunday. It will make the release process more simple for you, and you'll feel less disoriented! Instead, drink lots of water, eat simply and well, chose positive thoughts and spend some time in meditation or nature yourself on Saturday afternoon/early evening, and again on Sunday morning.

Let me know if you want to take part. It's entirely up to you.

Love and Light,


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  1. Hi Everyone,
    Are you feeling excited yet? I've been very busy these past few days getting things ready for the Elders Ceremony Weekend. We now have a HUGE crystal grid to conduct this within, in a location where it will not be found or disturbed, and where it can sit amidst old trees, earth energy and the elements for the next month.

    For those of you who like details:
    It is built on an earth portal.
    We have a central fire pit, then a circle of stones to mark our energetic place within this ritual (one for each of you who are participating as as well!- not too late if you want to contact me...)
    From this radiates a fibonacci spiral whose 'heart' or centre is the ring of stones.
    This is enclosed within a merkabah.
    This is enclosed within another circle.
    This is enclosed within a diamond.

    It is all built from rocks and crystals, and it will be totally disassembled after the month is up!
    Can barely sleep for excitement!
    Take it easy this weekend, those of you who'll be energetically along for the ride, and all of you be mindful that this is a weekend of expansion, endings and beginnings, instability and growth.
    So happy to be sharing this with you!
    I have about 20 hours left of meditation to do this weekend for you all. Bliss!
    (But I expect to be a little weary come Monday night.)
    It is thrilling to feel consciousness moving and evolving in positive ways!! Thank you for being a part of this through your own thoughts and meditations. Together we are the change we wish to see in the world.
    Love and Light,