Sacred Heart

The L0veVibe Global Meditation of Sunday September 6, 2009 will focus on the symbol of the Sacred Heart. We invite you to integrate this symbol into your regular meditation practice, or even to devote your session to it. Contemplate it, feel it, paint it, sing about it, make it and give it.

Please remember the purpose is connection, so if you do not resonate with a symbol presented here, then feel free to choose your own. Why we are choosing this symbol is explained in the post Inspiration.

The Sacred Heart refers to the physical manifestation of universal core truths known as Compassion and Love.

The human Heart is the center of emotion and morality for humankind. A fully functional Heart, aflame with Acceptance and Understanding, radiates Love to All Creation. These are vital functions of spiritual life in the Lightbody (just as the heart is a vital organ of the body) needed for transformation and evolution.

When two or more open Hearts meet through the portal of Relationship, the reciprocation of Unconditional Love is accelerated and magnified exponentially, crossing any distance in space or time. This form of emotional telepathy is sometimes referred to as "telempathy".

Before this can happen, we need to connect first with our Own Heart. It is the mind's job to process sensory input and thoughts, but it is the Heart that Knows from Within, without external perception, and that guarantees wellness by the inflow, outflow and savoring of Emotion, i.e. Love Energy in Motion.

Reconnect with your Heart. Love and forgive yourself first, to be able to Love and forgive another. Release and resolve your issues, cleanse your Heart so that other people are tempted to spend some time Inside.

To provide and prosper by the mere act of carrying and spreading Love, is pure bliss and lies at the Heart of Creation.

The Heart of the matter is Love.


  1. I'll meet your hearts in meditation this Sunday! Looking forward to connecting,heart to heart, Love and Light, Nicole xx

  2. Such beautiful heart images..!